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    1. 好書如益友。(equal)  

    A good book is equal to a good friend.

    Good books are equal to good friends.


    1) Never be afraid of thinking because thinking always benefits (vt.) us / .because we always benefit (vi.) from thinking.

    2) Never fear to think because we always benefit from thinking. (sb fear to do sth某人害怕做某事)



    1) He hesitated for a long time before he made the decision to study in America / further his study in America.

    2) He hesitated for a long time and then decided to



    You'd better go to the airport by underground / subway, or / otherwise you'll be late / miss the flight / plane.


    5.我們每一個人都應該盡自己的一份力使我們的生活環境更美好。(do one’s part)

    1) Every one of us should do our part to make the world a better living environment for ourselves / a better place for us to live in.

    2) .make our living environment more beautiful (make + n. + adj.)



    1. 中國人民每年都要熱烈慶祝十月一日的國慶節。(celebrate)

    The Chinese people warmly celebrate National Day on Oct. 1st every year.


    2. 不言而喻,青年人的教育對于一個國家的未來是至關重要的。(It)

    It is obvious / It goes without saying that the education of the young is vital / very important to the future of a country.


    3. 我們每個人都在不遺余力地為即將來臨的高考做準備。(spare)

    Every one of us is / All of us are sparing no effort to get prepared for the coming College Entrance Examination.


    4. 令他激動的是,他實現了成為2010上海世博會志愿者的夢想。(realize)

    1) To his excitement, he realized his dream of becoming / being a volunteer for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.


    5. 除日常工作外,他在周末還有一份臨時工作,他的月收入加起來達一萬元。(add up to)

    Besides / In addition to / Apart from his routine / daily work, he also has a part-time job at weekends and his monthly income adds up to 10,000 yuan.



    1. 在考中遇到難題,冷靜和自信是成功的關鍵。(meet with)

    When you meet with / come across / encounter difficult problems in the examinations, being calm and confident is the key to success.


    2. 說實話,我真后悔沒有幫助他克服英語學習方面的困難。(regret)

    To tell the truth, I really regret not helping him overcome / get over difficulties in English learning.


    3. 他不顧自己剛病愈的事實,又全心投入到隧道的建設中。(recover)

    Regardless of / In spite of / Despite the fact that he had just recovered from / got over an illness, he devoted / dedicated / committed himself to the construction of the tunnel.


    4. 沒人能阻止你參加這次會議。(prevent)

    No one can prevent you (from) attending the meeting.


    5. 簡被認為是本世紀最偉大的舞蹈家之一。(consider)

    1) Jane was considered one of the greatest dancers of the century.

    2) Jane was regarded as one of the greatest dancers of the century.



    1. 從圖表中我們能得出這樣的結論:世界人口正急劇增。(conclusion)

    From the chart / graph we can come to the conclusion that the world population is increasing rapidly. (同位語從句)


    2. 我們都很擔心他的健康。(anxious)

    We are all anxious / worried / concerned about his health.    


    3. 我懷疑他們是否能成功。(doubt)

    I doubt whether they will succeed or not.


    4. 聽到這個消息時,她忍不住哭了。(help)

    When she heard / Hearing the news, she couldn't help crying / but cry.


    5. 個問題如此復雜,我們要用很多時間才能解決。(so…that)

    1) The problem is so complicated that we will have to spend much / a lot of time solving it.



    1. 與其等待別人來幫你,不如依靠自己。(It is better to…)

    It is better to depend on yourself than to wait for others to help you.


    2. 盡管天氣不好,但運動會還是按計劃舉行了。(despite)

    Despite / In spite of the bad / unfavorable / nasty weather, the sports meet was held as planned / scheduled. 


    3. 這本書太振奮人心了,很值得一讀。(worth)

    This book is so inspiring that it is well worth reading. 


    4. 選擇我們的數碼相機,它會滿足你所有的要求。(and)

    Choose our digital camera, and it will meet / satisfy all your needs / demands.


    5. 還有一些需要改進之處。(area)

    There are some areas in need of improvement.



    1. 他站在窗旁沉思良久。(lose)

    Standing by the window, he was lost in (deep) thought for quite some time / for a long time. 


    2. 沒有人能搞明白她為什么會做出那樣的決定。(figure out)

    No one can figure out (the reason) why she has made such a decision.


    3. 參與社區服務的目的是讓學生體驗真實的社會生活。(taste)

    The purpose / aim of taking part in / participating in community service is to give students a taste (n.) of the real world / the reality of the world.


    4. 新鮮空氣和運動有助于身體健康。(help)

    Fresh air and exercises can help (to) keep you healthy / fit.


    5. 學好語言的關鍵之一是能生巧。(key)

    One of the keys to learning a language well is that practice makes perfect. 



    1. 盡管他身體虛弱,他已決定堅守崗位。(despite)

    Despite / In spite of his poor / ill health, he has decided to keep / stick to his post / position.


    2. 每天不論多忙多累,我定撥些時間來進行閱讀。(set)

    No matter how busy or tired I am, I always set aside / spare some time to read everyday.


    3. 他的演講給觀眾們留下了如此深刻的印象以至他們難以忘記。(impression)

    His speech left such a deep impression / so deep an impression on the audience that they couldn't forget it. 


    4. 飛往紐約的航班因大霧被取消了。(cancel)

    The flight to New York was (has been) canceled / called off because of the thick / heavy fog.


    5. 顯而易見,自信的人更有可能取得成功。(likely)

    Obviously, confident people / those who are confident of themselves are more likely to succeed / achieve success / be successful.



    1. 一旦你下定決心,不管遇到什么困難都不要半途而廢。(no matter)

    Once you make up your mind, you shouldn't give up halfway, no matter what difficulties you meet with / encounter / come across. 


    2.他們是在慎重考慮之后才做出這樣的決定的。(It is...that...) 強調句

    It is under / after careful consideration that they made the decision.


    3. 突如其來的災害性天氣給這個地區帶來了巨大的損失,使成千上萬的人流離失所。 (cause)

    The unexpected disastrous weather did great damage to the place / area, causing / which caused thousands of people homeless.


    4. 我父親從北京大學畢業后就一直在一所中學教英語。(since)

    My father has been teaching / has taught English in a middle school since he graduated from Beijing University.


    5. 不斷上漲的油價使約翰放棄了買車的計劃。(price)

    Rising petrol price makes / made John give up the plan of buying a car. (make sb do sth)



    1. 他們是否去海濱度假還沒有決定。(decide)

    1) Whether (or not) they will go to the beach for holiday has not been decided (yet). (主語從句)


    2) It hasn't been decided yet whether (or not) they will go to the beach for holiday.

    ◇ 語法知識點:現在完成時的被動語態

    ◇ 在現在完成時中,already用于肯定,yet則用于否定。

    I havent finished my homework yet.

    He has already finished his homework.


    I haven’t decided where I will spend my winter vacation. / where to spend my winter vacation.


    2. 要是你用所有的錢買這房子,你就是在孤注一擲。(if)

    If you buy the house with all your money, you'll have all your eggs in one basket. 


    3. 我們只有通過艱苦的訓練才能成為合格的志愿者。(only)

    Only through hard training can we become qualified volunteers.


    4. 飲食中缺乏足夠的蛋白質和維生素你生病的主要原因。(lack of)

    The lack of enough protein and vitamins in the diet is the main cause of your illness.



    Though / Although he hesitated over the expensive car for long, he decided to take / buy it in the end.



    1. 瑪麗發現單靠自己的力量執行這項計劃是不可能的。(find)

    Mary found it impossible to carry out / conduct the plan all by herself.


    2. 在你的建議中沒考慮老人們的特殊需要。(consideration)

    In your proposal you haven’t taken into consideration / account the special needs of the old people. 


    3. 他這次考試失敗使他意識到定期復習功課是多么重要。(aware)

    He failed in the exam, making / which makes him aware of the importance of reviewing his lessons regularly.


    4. 即使智力一般的學生也可以通過改進學習習慣而成為優等生。(average)

    Even students of average intelligence can become top students by improving their learning / study habits.


    5. 我想告訴你的是努力會有回報,決心帶來成就。(produce)

    What I want to tell you is that efforts are rewarded, and that determination produces achievement. (主語從句+ is + 表語從句)




    Science and technology makes our life more convenient. (make + n. + adj.)


    2. 豐富的工作經驗使他能勝任這個崗位。(qualify)

    Rich working experience qualified him for the post / position.


    3. 在我看來,在這樣惡劣的天氣里沒有什么比呆在家里更舒服的了。(seem)

    It seems to me that nothing is more comfortable than staying (at) home in such bad / unfavorable / nasty weather. 


    4. 盡管訓練要求高,挑戰大,但我們相信只要堅持練習,終將夢想成真。(come true)

    Although the training is demanding (adj.) and challenging (adj.), we believe that as long as we keep practicing, our dream will eventually come true.


    5. 記得關窗鎖門。(remember)

    Remember to close the window and lock the door.



    1. 只有實話實說,你才能取得別人的諒解。(Only...)

    Only by telling the truth can you be forgiven by others.


    2. 最近的一項調查表明每年大約有4,000,000人死于與吸煙有關的疾病。(relate)

    A recent survey shows / indicates / suggests (that) about four million people die of / from diseases (that / which are) related to smoking each year.


    3. 他在理科學習方面進步很快。(progress)

    He has made rapid progress in the study of science subjects.


    4. 乘務員再一次提醒乘客們飛機起飛時要系好安全帶。(remind)

    The flight attendants reminded the passengers again to fasten their seat belt when the plane was taking off.


    5. 這部電影適合青少年嗎? (suitable)

    Is this film suitable (adj.) for teenagers? 



    1. 我們的健康得益于每日的運動和均衡的飲食。(benefit)

    Our health benefits from daily exercises and a balanced diet. (benefit from中獲益)


    2. 拯救溺水兒童使他付出了生命。(cost)

    Saving the drowning child cost him his life.


    3. 游客們一進入村子,就受到村民們的熱烈歡迎。(the moment)

    The moment / The instant / As soon as they entered the village, the tourists received a warm welcome from the villagers.


    4. 政府號召民眾為地震災民捐助衣服和食物。(call)

    The government called on people to donate food and clothing to the victims of the earthquake. (call on sb to do sth 號召某人做某事)



    The president promised in his speech that he would be committed / devoted / dedicated to continuously improving the living standards of his people.


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